1. Awqaf Boundary walls, Dubai.

  2. Zaabeel luxury building Boundary walls, Dubai

  3. Boundary walls for a compound, Midriff. Dubai

  4. Eng. Sabah A-Shamery's villa boundery wall, Dubai.

  5. 128 car showrooms buildings, Ajman.

  6. Bin Zayed villas Boundary walls, Ajman.

  7. Sheikh Hamdan palace Boundary walls and service rooms, Um Al Quween.

  8. 1250 balconies for Sheikh Humaid residential complex, Ajman.

  9. Robust water and septic Tanks in Dubai.

  10. Ghazi Asad building's decorative parapit, Aman.

  11. Khalifa Al-Tajer, Shoring Planks, Dubai.

  12. Saleh Construction, Jumaira Beach residence Ballustrades, Dubai.

  13. Aweer prison security Boundary walls for Dubai Naturalisation Authority.

  14. Jumaira Beache residence Ballastrades (Al Ahmadiya Co.) Dubai.

  15. Taryam Villa Boundary walls and annexes, Sharjah.

  16. BalHassa Farm's residence and Bounday Walls Khawaneej, Dubai.

  17. Culture and Scientific Association Boundery Walls, Al-Mamzar, Dubai.

  18. Al-Seeb Cons, Planks for agrigate bins, Jabal Ali Ind. Aria.

  19. Emirates Building Systems boundary walls, Dubai.

  20. Ahmed Bin Desmal Labour Camp, Sonapor, Dubai.

  21. Aweer Prison Main Entrance, Dubai.

  22. Essa Al Mutawwa B walls (luxery white exposed aggrigates and grey finish) and achitectural componants in Rahmaniya, Sharjah.

  23. Parapets and balustrades for residential buildings in Jumaira and Ajman.

  24. Production, delivery and erection of many precast manholes, tanks, soaks pits and New Jersey barriers for many different clients.

  25. Liberty Investment Co. Boundary walls in Al Sajaa Ind. Area.Sharjah,

  26. Liberty service buildings at Sajaa ind. Area.

  27. New Jersey Barriers (Electro contracting company) Dubai,

  28. Cable troughs for GMC showrooms, Dubai

  29. Solid and hollow walls for Basrah project.

  30. New Liberty cars stores and service buildings in Sajaa.

  31. New Dubai Naturalization department Boundary walls at Jafliyah,

  32. New Dubai Naturalization department Boundary walls at Aweer Area Dxb.

  33. Aditional anexes buildings for Mr. Taryam Matar Taryam, Sharjah

  34. Emirates Bank wheel stopper, Sharjah.

  35. Al-Khayal Constructions. Balustrades, Sharjah.

  36. Jasem Al-Zubaidi Labour Camp and Store yard with a boundary Walls, Ajman.

  37. Nakhla special anti explosion impact boundary walls.

  38. Nakheel service blocks and boundary walls.

  39. Emaar Tabreed mechanical valve chambers and manholes.

  40. Precast holow slabs

  41. Cladding archetectural elements for variouse buildings (Car park, Rotana hotel sharjah, Garhoud Atrium).

  42. General precast designs.

  43. Feasibility studies for various clients in the UAE and other countries for Precast Concrete production industries


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